New Promising Grocery Store App

If you could scan the bar-code of any food product in the grocery store and get instant information–as it relates to your own health goals– would you?

The Honest App

Honest Label Foods (the Honest Tea brand we offer at Next Jump) created a new Honest Label app, which might be a food shopping game-changer.  The app allows the user to scan any grocery food or drink item, get feedback on the product with a visual label, and customize personal settings (such as weight goals or allergies).

What’s So Great About it?

Very, very customizable features.

Personal goals: The user can set calorie parameters to see how the product might fit into an overall nutrition plan, e.g., if the goal is weight loss and the user has customized his or her profile, the app should tell how the product can fit into overall calories for the day.

Ingredient avoiding function:  Let’s say the user does not want to eat high fructose corn syrup or has an allergy; the app can help highlight products and ingredients to be avoided.  This is a fantastic method of double-checking allergens in products (such as nut, soy or gluten allergies).

Behavior changes: The user has control over specific nutrients he or she would like to minimize such as, sodium or trans-fats.  Products are either given the green or red light to guide the user toward making educated decisions.

The Low-Down

This app is effective for food shoppers who already understand how specific foods fit into an overall diet scheme.  I find it particularly useful for those who have allergies, as it might be hard to detect hidden ingredients in most products without sifting through many unpronounceable ingredients.

On the flip-side, this app might turn an already oblivious food shopper into a mindless-bar-code-scanning lunatic.  I do not think we should be dependent on an app to make real-life choices.  The final low-down: I think the Honest Label app could bolster healthy eating choices when used appropriately by an already savvy food shopper.


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