Breakfast: can I eat anything?

“Charlie mentioned we can eat a Big Mac for breakfast– can we get these for the office now?”

Mmm big mac…

To put Charlie’s question into context, he mentioned that it is better to eat something than nothing at all, which is why we serve you breakfast every morning (in case you’ve forgotten the reasons, read this previous post on why to eat breakfast). The only problem with eating a Big Mac is that it is 704 calories for one sandwich.  For most individuals, unless you are Michael Phelps, 704 calories is almost half of one day’s total calorie needs. We do want to break the fast in the morning since it helps regulate metabolism and keep the weight off.  Indeed, having something is better than nothing, even if it is eating a (few bites of a) Big Mac or a (small) doughnut.

What else can I eat?

Talk to our friends over the pond; the UK has been cooking up a breakfast storm.

A note from my friend, MW (Michael Walters) in the UK about his delicious morning meal, “Marissa, we rocked breakfast burritos for the office today (egg whites, (relatively) low fat high protein sausages, black beans and salsa). Total cost was around £15 for 15 people. Everyone was fed and good to go in less than 30mins.”

For more on the UK breakfast team, visit their page on the Wiki.

For more breakfast ideas…

I just introduced the Marissa-oat-egg-pancake.  It is pretty awesome so… “don’t knock it till you try it.”  Additionally, remember to check out these fast, easy and filling smoothies.  Have a new idea? Submit it below!



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