Stuff the Turkey Vs. Yourself

Last year, I wrote a post providing three strategies to feel a comfortable “7” on the hunger-fullness scale at Thanksgiving dinner.  Read on for more tips to stay in check at tomorrow’s feast.

Tips one through three…

The brief recap from the post (linked above): (1) sip drinks versus chug, (2) skip second servings, (3) “just say no” to someone’s special home-made delight when it’s being forced on you and you don’t want to try it…  If your family is keen on the force-feeding tactic, that third tip is (semi) funny.

4. Eat normally before dinner.

Skipping entire meals has been shown to escalate overeating at a later meal that day.  Stay on track with your regular eating habits.  Have breakfast.  Eat Lunch.  Enjoy a mini snack (try an apple and one ounce of cheese) before dinner.

5. Beware of traditional calorie-laden delicacies. 

Stuffing, gravies, cranberry sauce, buttery sweet potatoes, and pies are a hefty caloric spend.  Focus the plate on veggies and protein from turkey, using the above items as “a garnish,” if you’re trying to watch what you eat.

6. Don’t deprive yourself.

It is Thanksgiving.  You’re supposed to eat the chocolately thing your aunt made this year!  According to Dr. Brian Wansink, expert in mindless eating behaviors, the best way to change a habit is to not feel deprived when you’re changing it.  He recommends keeping the comfort foods but eating them in smaller servings.

For more tips to help curb your appetite over the holiday, read this previous post about how to enjoy your company and food equally 🙂


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