Black Friday Online: Gets You a WODAT

Sure, you can burn off a quarter of your Thanksgiving dinner running from store to store, shlepping packages around town (precisely, 70 calories per half hour according to  But talk about efficiency when you can (1) get all of your goods at our marketplace and (2) get in a real workout that burns off all those calories, simply because you have the time.  Here’s your Workout of the Day after Thanksgiving (WODAT).

Workout of the Day after Thanksgiving (WODAT)


(10x) Plank position–> walk into standing, back to plank position

(10x per leg) Side lunges

(5x) Grapevine

(5x) Jog into sprint, back-jog to start

(20x/15x/10x) Bridges (20 times with both legs on the floor, 15 per leg: bent knee to chest, 10 per leg: straight leg to sky)


Each exercise lasts for 1-minute, repeated 2x. Cool down and stretch at the end. Here it is:

– Ice skaters on the slide board
– Box jumps (2 boxes, one higher than next)
– Body saw/pike combo on ball or bench
– Cable row with isometric squat
– Rowing machine
– Walking lunge holding 15-25 lb weight overhead
– Rest station or plank
– Assisted pull-ups
– Push-ups with medicine ball (roll ball to each hand in between reps)
– Hanging leg raise (bent knee or for more challenge, straight legs)
– Inverted row (on rings)
– Elliptical
– Wall ball squats (physioball behind back, up against wall)
– Rest station or plank


5 minutes on the upright bike or treadmill.



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