Stay Fit Travel Kit

Want to keep fit on your holiday vacation?  Up your fitness with these fast and easy workouts by Mary Ann Browning, Founder and President of Browning’s Fitness.

Just do it … anywhere!

One of the best things about vacation is that you can relax — and not have to squeeze in an exercise between two adjacent meetings.  On vacation, you can exercise in short bouts, in your hotel room, or on the beach!  Mary Ann shows you how with her simple and fast routines (click here).

Marissa’s favorite hotel workout

Like Mary Ann, I have a favorite hotel-room workout that I like to use whenever a gym is not available (and when the outdoors is not conducive to a run).  Here goes it:

  1. Warm up with squat jumps and high knees (20x)
  2. Dips on the side of the bed or steady chair (20x)
  3. V-ups for the abs (these are gymnastics sit-ups; it works both legs and the entire abdomen).  Here is a video on how to do them. (Perform until failure)
  4. Squats with a heavy item in your suitcase (30x)
  5. Push-ups (30x or less)
  6. Lunges with a heavy item in your suitcase (30x)
  7. Jumping jacks (30x)
  8. Repeat!

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