What is Piloxing?

Piloxing is the “new thing,” both in Europe and in the U.S., featured in “The Insider” and in popular magazines such as, Shape, Fitness, Redbook, Elle, Vogue, and People.  The workout mixes boxing with pilates, also incorporating dance moves, which creates a high intensity cardiovascular and core workout.  Read on to get the full review of the program.

The skinny on piloxing…

Piloxing does not seem to need any equipment other than a pair of weighted gloves and a mat.  As it involves more kick-boxing movements than boxing, those who partake do not seeming to punch anything but air.  Since it is a full body workout and the class is moving the entire time, Piloxing is the equivalent of any other high intensity interval training workout.

Worth it?

Aside from the new, exciting name of the class and having some heart-pumping music, I feel that this class offers just another way to interval train and raise your heart rate.  I think our trainers at Next Jump are already creating this type of  fusion in their workouts, they just have yet to think of a fancy compound word for their class 🙂


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