The Healthy App Challenge

The U.S. Surgeon General, Regina Benjamin and the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT just launched “The Healthy App Challenge,” a competition for software developers to create the best free mobile-health application.  Read on to see how it’s applicable to us.

What’s the contest for?

According to Government Health IT (a newsletter that covers topics on “…how government is driving the adoption of information technology in healthcare” [source]) the purpose of this contest is to drive healthy behaviors among Americans — especially for those who do not have access to personal training, healthcare providers and dietitians.

Should we partake?

Since the deadline for submission is December 30th, probably not…  We’re also highly focused on other mobile endeavors at the moment.  But that doesn’t mean we cannot follow the challenge.  Developers are going to focus on many areas that encompass our human capital investments here at Next Jump such as, fitness (adoption/retention), nutrition (healthier practices) and holistic approaches (overall lifestyle, spiritual health).  It could be neat to see how these developers interpret best practices.


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