Adding Fitness When Busy

It is not impossible to fit in a workout when “uber-busy.”  Let me count the ways…

1. Combine Aerobic & Strength Training: The “two for one” deal is the best way to get the heart-rate up in a short amount of time.  Some examples include:

  • A rowing machine session 
  • Bike or elliptical with alternating dumb-bell intervals
  • Running for short spurts, then lifting, and back to running (or another cardio exercise)

2. Short Series of Workouts Throughout the Day: Working out does not need to happen all within one session.  Get it all in by adding bouts of exercise when you can.  Some examples include:

  • Walking or running to and/or from work (if closeby)
  • Playing ping pong for 20 minutes and adding in an uphill treadmill walk for 10 minutes
  • Five minute jump-rope, skipping down the hall, one minute fast jumping jacks (2-3x per day)
  • Strength train in two minutes: crunches for 30 seconds, push-ups for 30 seconds, dips for 30 seconds, crunches for 30 seconds)

3. Heavier Weights with Less Reps. Get in a short strength-training session but boost the lift with a heavier weight.  This burns more calories during and post-exercise.

  • Good rule of thumb: if your muscles tire between 8-12 reps then that is a good weight for you (if you can perform more reps than 12 then the weight is too light)
  • Maybe you are able to use a heavier weight for a bench press but a lighter weight for bicep curls (it is trial and error)

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