Nutrition for Skincare

It is true – what you eat can affect the beauty and glow of your visage…

Foods for a healthy glow

According to EatingWell Magazine’s Associate Nutrition Editor, Kerri-Ann Jennings MS, RD, there are certain foods that are more likely to keep skin healthy — especially during the dry winter season.(1) 

The reason I think Jennings suggests these specific foods and drinks is primarily due to each having a high amount of natural Vitamin C (an important precursor to collagen — keeps the skin firm), and a high amount of flavonoids (compounds found in most plant foods, with a high amount of antioxidants).  Usually, oxidation of the skin is caused by a combination of UV damage, environmental dryness/pollution, smoking, and a highly processed food diet (think high salt, sugar, trans-fatty foods).  Therefore, we want to ingest foods and drinks with a high amount of ANTIoxidants to combat any oxidative stress we accumulate in our bodies.

Eat this list!

  • Grapefruit: the pinker the better
  • Coffee: (without sugar) to receive the full antioxidant benefit
  • Edamame: has isoflavones (a subgroup of flavonoids that act like antioxidants) to protect against sun damage
  • Tea: has catechins (natural antioxidant in plants)
  • Carrots: contain beta-carotene, one of the most potent antioxidants around
  • Tuna/Salmon: have omega-3s, which preserve collagen
  • Broccoli: incredibly high amounts of vitamin C
  • Spinach: lots of “lutein” one of the carotenoids, also protects against oxidation
  • Cocoa: epicatechin (a flavonoid) has been found to improve blood flow to the skin

(1) 9 Winter Foods for Beautiful Skin


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