Free breakfast helps learning?

According to The Kansas City Star, kids’ grades, behaviors and attendance levels have improved since the start of the universal free breakfast program.

Why offer breakfast for free?

Lots of research supports breakfast in the classroom.  The results mostly show that children are less likely to be overweight, have fewer visits to the nurse and have better attendance levels.  The Universal Free Breakfast Program was created to take the stigma away from offering school breakfast only to children of low-income.  The program has been shown to increase the likelihood that kids eat breakfast in the morning, regardless of income.

Why offer free breakfast to employees?

We live busy days, some with long commutes, some with long hours.  The least we can do is fill in breakfast for you.  This way, it’s not necessary to think about where or what to eat in the morning.  Luckily, we offer very nutritious foods here – but eating anything in the morning in a small amount has also been shown to help aid concentration, level of alertness and weight.

What are the downsides of eating breakfast?

There aren’t any (unless your breakfast is a smorgasbord of waffles, donuts, sausages and sugar-laden coffees, which are loaded with empty calories).  Lean proteins, high fibers, healthy fats and complex carbs are the way to go.  Easy and simple: mix an egg with oatmeal and microwave.  Top with berries and mixed nuts.  Enjoy 🙂



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