New Workout of the Day (WOD) brought to you from the NYC Next Jump Fitness Center.  [This workout is the current ‘p3 by Nerijus: Performance, Power, Physique’ routine, updated monthly].  I tried the session on Wednesday and it is brutal (in a good way!)

p3 takes place one hour, once per week.  If attempting this workout on your own, remember these are intermediate to advanced exercises.  Proper form should be used at all times.  Proper warm up and cool down necessary.

Tempo: 45/10 (45 seconds on, 10 seconds between exercises)

Circuit length: Repeat circuit 3x

Exercises: If unilateral, change sides at 22.5 second marker during the exercise.  Use a stop-watch, or download the iphone app “Workout Muse.”  

#1 Chin-ups

How to: attach resistance band around the bottom of bar for added support.  Grip hands on the bar, palms facing toward you.  Pull body up until elbows are at your sides.  Lower body until arms are fully extended, then repeat.

#2 Box jumps

How to: stand in front of a box or platform.  Jump onto the box and land as quietly as you can, then jump back down and repeat. 

#3 Push-up with reach

How to: execute a normal push up (flat back, tight core).  At the top of the push-up, when in the plank position, extend one straight arm forward, keeping head down.  Repeat alternating arms.

#4 Inverted rows

How to: pull-up grip (palms facing away from you).  Exercise is best with rings or a low bar.  Lie underneath rings or bar with a flat back.  Pull yourself up until your chest hits the bottom of the rings or bar.  Repeat.

#5 Roller plank

How to: using a foam roller, get into a plank position placing your forearms on top of the roller.  Make sure your elbows are in line with your shoulders.  Palms can face each other or the floor, but should not touch.

#6 Squat to press

How to: hold a body bar or dumbbells at your shoulders.  Perform a squat.  As you ascend from the squat, use the momentum to perform a shoulder press.  Bring weight back down to shoulders before performing the next squat.

#7 Russian twists

How to: using a medicine ball or dumbbell, sit on the floor with your knees and hips in a bent position at 90 degrees.  Keeping the back straight, hold the weight in front of you and twist torso to the left and to the right.  Ideal if you see the weight reaches the position of your hip.

#8 Ape walk

How to: get into a deep squat, where knees are pointing to the ceiling and buttocks almost touching the floor.  Back should be straight.  Extend straight arms as far in front of you, keeping fingertips touching the floor.  Most of your weight should be in your heels.  The movement: transfer your weight from the heels to the toes and “grab” the floor ahead, scooting your heels right behind your fingertips.  Once your feet have landed in the start position, re-extend your straight arms in the same start position.  This exercise can be done both forward and backwards across a fitness studio floor.

#9 Bench jumpovers

How to: place your hands on a flat bench, gripping the sides.  Keeping legs together, jump both legs across the bench from side to side. Push hard through your legs to get off the floor and over the bench.  The shoulders will support your entire body weight while up in the air.

Picture below:

#10 Upright rows

How to: grip onto a straight bar, dumbbells or resistance band with palms facing toward your body.  If using a resistance band, have a wide stance and place band under the feet to keep it secure.  Lift the weight straight up, as close to your torso as possible.  Elbows should be higher than the weight.  Lift until at least at the top of your chest.  Lower and repeat.

# 11 Kettle bell swings 

How to: arms are straight during this entire exercise.  Get into a wide stance holding a kettle bell in between your legs.  Let the kettle bell hang, such that your arms are completely extended.  Make sure toes are pointed slightly outward.  When ready, squat down with a straight back, pushing the hips backward.  During the swing, the forearms should be touching your groin and the kettle bell should extend behind you.  As the kettlebell reaches the farthest point it can go, squat up and thrust your hips forward.  The kettle bell will propel forward (legs and hip strength should be able to bring the kettle bell up to your chest).  Repeat.

#12 Medicine ball slams

How to: using a padded mat, take a heavy medicine ball and lift it above your head.  Keeping legs planted and a tight core as your throw the medicine ball down on the mat.  The drill is like a soccer toss into a field, only instead of tossing forward, you are tossing in downward.  Repeat.

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