New Startup, Fitness-Buffet

Fitness-Buffet is a startup gaining traction in the corporate wellness space.  Read on to learn more.

Why Fitness-Buffet …

The company launched six months ago, listing 119 countries to redeem Fitness-Buffet offers.  According to a Reuters article published on Monday, Fitness-Buffet sells “downloadable fitness offers,” which include various activities at a flat fee of $99.  The premise of the program is that users can take advantage of fitness activities at a $1,000 value (e.g., zumba, kick-boxing and touch rugby) at a much cheaper rate.  Additionally, users mention that they would have never thought to try out many of these classes if it were not for the offer.

A two month long buffet!

Since users only have a two-month window to take advantage of the offers, they might have more reason to increase gym attendance (and thus, get fitter).  The teaser video under the “how it works” tab reminds users that they can recapture their youth by having fun again while getting fit.  I specifically enjoyed the undertone about finding a soul-mate during your course of trying random activities 🙂

Viewing the buffet

To browse over some “buffet samples,” go to the homepage and click on the (hardly noticeable) black link under the orange continue button.  I was intrigued to find “nutrition counsel” as part of the buffet offerings, but suppose that would make sense (in a “punny” sort of way).  In an attempt to locate some offers in the Next Jump vicinity (NYC, BOS, SF and UK), I could not seem to find (any) results in the “Buffet Samples.”  I imagine there is more to be had once you sign up.  But since we already have a gym and awesome classes … Meh.    

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