February WOM

New Workout of the Month (WOM) brought to you from the NYC Next Jump Fitness Center.  [This workout is the current ‘p3 by Nerijus: Performance, Power, Physique’ routine, updated monthly].  It is brutal (in a good way!)

p3 takes place one hour, once per week.  If attempting this workout on your own, remember these are intermediate to advanced exercises.  Proper form should be used at all times.  Proper warm up and cool down necessary.

Tempo: 45/10 (45 seconds on, 10 seconds between exercises)

Circuit length: Repeat circuit 3x

Exercises: If unilateral, change sides at 22.5 second marker during the exercise.  Use a stop-watch, or download the iphone app “Workout Muse.”

February 2012

#1 Inverted Push Up

  1. Start position: bend over and touch your toes with a slight bend in the knee.  Move your hands out in front of your toes so that your hand is resting comfortably on the floor.
  2. Movement: In this pike position, keep the legs straight as you bend your elbows and bring your head toward the group.  Press back up and repeat.

#2 Inverted Row

  1. Start position: lie on the floor inside a squat rack below a bar.  Grip the bar in a pronated position (palms facing away from you).  Tuck the elbows and lead with your chest.
  2. Movement: pull yourself up until the chest touches the bar.  Lower and repeat.

#3 Deck Squats (Add a jump at the end)

  1. Start position:  Get into a starting squat position.
  2. Movement: Bend knees all the way until the buttocks reach the floor.  Roll onto your back in a tuck position.  Roll back up into the starting position (advanced: jump high in the air).  Repeat. 

#4 Push-Up with Power Wheel

  1. Start position: stand strong on both knees and place the power wheel (image below) in front of your knees.  Grip the power wheel and keep the core as tight as possible.  The back should be curved.
  2. Movement: Allow the power wheel to roll in a straight line out in front of you.  The back should move from a curved to straight position.  Stop when the power wheel is right below your chest and shoulders.  Make sure you do not arch at the back.  Roll back to the start position using your abs.

#4 Chin Ups

  1. Start position: Grip a pull-up/chin-up bar slightly wider than shoulder width.  Keep your chin tucked and core activated.  Hands: you should have a “supinated” grip (palms are facing toward you, knuckled to the sky).
  2. Movement: Pull yourself up and let the chin come parallel to the bar.  Slowly lower yourself back to the start position and repeat.

#5 Chest Pass (or overhead “OH” Pass) with a Medicine Ball

  1. Start position: stand with a medicine ball, hands in front of chest and feet pointing straight ahead.
  2. Movement: Hold the ball close to the chest with elbows high.  Push the ball out in front of you, making sure it hits a cushioned wall.  If attempting the overhead pass, make sure to start with ball overhead.  Toss the ball onto the floor or against a wall.  Repeat.

#6 Rope (circles, in out)

  1. Start position: using a heavy rope, start with feet wide apart and bend at the knees.  Hold the rope’s ends in each hand.
  2. Movement: Start by shaking the rope back and forth or up and down while keeping the abs, legs and chest tight.  Only the arms should be in motion.  Repeat.

#7 T-Push-up

  1. Start position: get into a regular perfect push-up position.
  2. Movement: Lower the body to the ground, similar to a normal pushup.  As you push back up, roll your feet so your body is resting on the outside of your ankles.  At the same time raise your straight arm in the air.  Your hands should be stacked such that someone could draw a line from your right to your left hand.  Get back into the start position and change sides.

#8 Leg Curls (ball)

  1. Start position: Grab a physioball and place at the end of a mat.  Lie down on your back and place your feet on top of the physioball.  Bend your knees, such that the ball is close to your thighs.
  2. Movement: Extend your legs and let the physioball roll out.  This takes lots of balance – keep the legs straight and the glutes squeezed.  Roll the legs back to start (more advanced: you have the option of resting the glutes on the floor in between reps or continuing the next rep without lowering the glutes entirely back to the floor).

#9 Jump Rope

  1. Start position: grab a jump rope appropriate for your height.
  2. Movement: jump rope for the length of the exercise.

#10 Back Lunge with Hop

  1. Start position: Stand tall and get ready to perform a backward lunge with one leg.
  2. Movement: Perform the backward lunge such that the knee is almost touching the ground and the knee is not going over the toe.  Drive the moving leg back up to start in a bent position jumping on the working leg.  Repeat.  Switch legs at the half-way point of the exercise.

#11 Sprinter Sit-up

  1. Start position: Start on your back with your legs straight on in front and arms to the side.  Keep the arms bent at a 90 degree angle.
  2. Movement: bring up the torso and one arm with the opposite bent leg.  Twist the torso to have the elbow try to meet the bent knee.  Lowe the body back down and repeat to the opposite side.  One rep = when both sides are complete.

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