Winners: Healthy App Challenge

Picture yourself using a mobile health app.  Now pretend it works well — and that you like it.  The Healthy App Challenge, sponsored by, did the research for us and found four apps as the winners of the Surgeon General’s Healthy Apps Challenge (more about the challenge can be found in a previous post here).  The winners are …

Drum roll…

Lose it! 

What it does: This app helps you set a caloric limit appropriate for your goal.  It then asks you to record all fitness activity and foods/drinks for the day, measuring the results against goal.

Download now: Lose it! App


What it does: This app uses a bar code scanner to help reveal health information before acting on a purchase.  The app has info on food, drugstore and household products, with a green and sustainability focus.

Download now: GoodGuide App

Side note: My colleague and friend, Sheila Viswanathan, Ed.D., RD is the Nutrition Advisor for GoodGuide!


What it does: This app provides a bar code scanner (like GoodGuide) but the difference is that it helps you compare benefits from one food product to another, including specific ingredients or additives you might want to avoid.

Download now: Fooducate App

Healthy Habits

What it does: Just like Next Jump’s Daily Rituals, Healthy Habits tracks specific goals (daily, weekly and monthly).  You can customize the habits to amp up or minimize, such as quitting smoking or adding more veggies to your day.

Download now: Healthy Habits App

Runner Up…

Two other apps were recommended for fitness:

Fit Friendzy

What it does: Kids like challenges and they like competing against their friends.  This app incorporates both features, all while helping kids get into healthy daily active behaviors and focusing on fitness goals.

Download now: Fit Friendzy App


What it does: Map routes with the built-in GPS to record distance, pace, duration, etc.  Seems it would be perfect for runners and triathletes.

Download now: MapMyFitness App

Food App Winners (for children)

Max’s Plate

What it does: Max’s Plate is a game that helps kids learn all about the different food groups, while attempting to help them learn how to balance a healthy diet.

Download now: Max’s Plate App

Short Sequence: Kids’ Yoga Journey

What it does: Yoga Journey puts together a set of seven positions that helps kids relax.  The app proposes that they can help the modern-day kid (with over-stimulating schedules) to learned how to become more aware amidst their busy lives.

Download now: Yoga Journey App

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