SuperTracker: USDA-Launches Online Food-Tracking Tool

Have you ever tried recording everything you ate or drank for one whole day?  It’s challenging (especially when an app or website is impossible to navigate).  Make way for SuperTracker!  This is a free, online nutrition and fitness tool (surprisingly developed by the government), which can be found at  Why you should check out SuperTracker:

  1. Awesome UI – visually appealing and intuitive!
  2. An above-average foods database
  3. Powerful goals section called, “My Coach Center,” helps target appropriate areas of concern
  4. Measures progress with an in-depth analysis of nutrients, complete with status reports
  5. Builds exportable reports – helpful when redesigns inhibit stored data to be transferred
  6. Builds personalized and sustainable meal plans (that aren’t limiting)

Read more about SuperTracker at the Full Engagement Center.

For the record, I have not found many useful online food trackers –at the health professional or user-level.  Most have usually missed crucial elements, such as an undersized foods database or an inability to effectively track progress.

SuperTracker is a break-through in the nutrition field.  It allows a user to practice healthy eating and adopt new behaviors, while  keeping the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans in mind.  It also incorporates actionable takeaways with easy visual cues.

Some weaknesses: the foods database, although above average, can be more powerful.  For example, finding brand-names are hard to come by – in finding specific food items, the user needs to be creative (e.g., Greek yogurt versus Fage).

The exercise tracker needs some more work, as well.  While above-average, the exercise tracker will eventually need to incorporate a customizable workout section and/or add variety to the database.

All in all, for a governmental website, SuperTracker is not shabby!

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