Recipe: Easy Breakfast Parfait (A Marissa Favorite)

Yogurt parfaits are nutritious — when prepared the right way.  Add a few deleterious ingredients and you may have yourself a parfaux (the corny humor comes with the article).  My yogurt parfaits at Next Jump are made with Greek yogurt — which has no added sugar (refer to my previous post about the harms of added sugar in your diet).  It is also made with sprinklings of flaxseed meal (an omega-3 fatty acid) and wheat germ (a grain that is high in fiber, vitamin B and E).  Topped with mixed berries and 1 serving of my favorite granola (Bear Naked Peak Protein) and we have us a parfabulous!  Follow these simple steps to make your parfait:

(1) Mix yogurt, wheat germ, flaxseed meal and yogurt together

(2) Put ¼ cup water into the mixture for an extra creamy texture

(3) Top off with fresh mixed berries and serve

Visit the Full Engagement Center for a print-out of the instructions with pictures.



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