Who are you inviting to the plate party – saturated fat and sugar or fiber?

You might have heard me say this (a million times) already, but you need to eat more fruits and veggies.  There are too many reasons not to – fruits and veggies boost immunity, prevent disease, protect against cancers, help maintain a healthy weight and keep you feeling energized…   Look at your plate: ¼ of the plate should be protein (not all of it); the other ¼ should have some form of carbohydrate (grains, beans, starchy veggie like potatoes or corn).  Half of your plate should be comprised of fruits and/or vegetables.  If it’s breakfast, try adding more fruit and less starch to your bowl of cereal in the morning.  If it’s dinner, aim to pile on the cooked veggies and/or create a big side salad for yourself.  Bottom line, think about who’s invited to your plate party?  ½ of the guest list should be fruits and vegetables. 

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