When You Sit Around, You Eat More

Authors published a study last Friday in Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism about the effects on appetite regulation in response to sitting all day (literally all day).  Not surprisingly, sitting for one day straight increased subjects’ calorie intake.  The decision to eat comes – not from part of the limbic system in the brain (if you were at Simon Sinek’s lecture you would get why!) – but from sensations of hunger, controlled by your central nervous system.  Appetite is slightly different than hunger.  Appetite is a motivation to eat – where sometimes a sense of satiety may go below or beyond caloric energy requirements.  The study showed how just the mere act of sitting (versus standing or walking around) can upregulate certain hormones that make your body prone to eating more.  What you can do: if you find that you are sitting at your desk for more than one meal, it is time to take a break and walk around or exercise.






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