Quell the Hunger Hormone with Exercise

This week’s Health Briefings focused on sedentary negatives.  It’s not a surprise that we find negatives in being sedentary (one of the reasons why we keep you active here).  As mentioned in yesterday’s post on how prolonged sitting can make you eat more, better nutrition is linked with being active.  To delve deeper, being sedentary increases the hunger hormone, Ghrelin.  Ghrelin tells your brain when it’s time to eat.  After a meal, Ghrelin drops, but the satiety hormone, Leptin, increases and says: “hey you, time to stop eating, I’m full.”  In active people, Ghrelin seems to be lower and Leptin is higher; in sedentary people, Ghrelin is higher and Leptin is lower.  What this means: those who exercise feel less hungry and increased fullness, whereas, those who are sedentary feel more hungry and less full.  What to do: don’t be sedentary.  Exercise (at least) 2-3x per week for 30 minutes to 1 hour and move around during the day.




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