Self-Athletic Coaching: Effective Strategies

Ever wonder how you were able to skip a workout when you had every intention not to?  Instead of beating yourself up about it, be the most supportive coach you know.  Acknowledge that you have full autonomy over the decisions you make, such as whether or not you exercise.  Instead of, “I didn’t exercise today, I ruined it for my team and for the rest of the week,” try your athletic voice, “the extra rest today will make tomorrow that much better.”  The athletic voice trains your mind to think as an athlete would.  Every person has an athlete inside of him or herself.  Don’t believe it?  Ask yourself why you even exercise once a week and why you haven’t completely given up.  Your answer might surprise you.  It’s that answer that will help coach you through those days when you’re on the fence about exercising.  Lucky for us, our work environment and fitness challenge have taken care of the major obstacles of exercising (access and motivation).


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