Exercise Makes You Smarter

A recent NY Times article discusses your brain on exercise.  What’s interesting about the evidence is that it further demonstrates how exercise (and being less sedentary, e.g., moving around throughout the day versus sitting at desk for five hours straight) can form new neurons in the brain.  How exercise “makes you smarter” – is by triggering the release of a substance that will increase synapse activity among the neurons (the quicker and stronger the platform your brain has to transmit information, the better you can think, innovate, create).  The mice in this study who presented extra levels of this substance in their brains were those who had access to an exercise wheel.  Take-home: The brain is a tissue that also needs physical (besides mental) exercise to stay fit.  Like your biceps or triceps muscle, if you don’t use it – you lose it.  We recommend 2x a week as a bare minimum.



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