Redbull Misconception: “It Gives Me Energy”

Why do people drink red bull?  Is it for the taste?  No. It’s a perception that red bull provides instant energy.  The reality is, we know red bull is high in sugar, chemicals and caffeine – all make you crash faster.  That’s not instant energy.  You know the better way to energize is to exercise or take a small break.  When hungry, the better way to energize is through a mighty glass of water and a piece of refreshing fruit or whole food.  But back to energy drinks.  Sure, caffeine will keep you alert.  But too much caffeine can contribute to calcium deficiency (longterm: increased risk for brittle bones – the disease is called, osteoporosis).  That’s why three cups of coffee per day is the guideline to stick to (300 mg caffeine).  This amount has been effective as both an ergogenic aid before partaking in exercise and as way to increase concentration without overdoing it.  Per energy drink, the amount is equal to at least 2 cups of coffee. Bye bye, Redbull.



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