Good Cholesterol (HDL): Two Types

Good cholesterol (HDL) is important to have (it cleans out the bad LDL from your arteries – as shown in the picture).  But good cholesterol alone will not prevent against heart disease if total cholesterol is above normal.  New research by the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) showed that there are two types of HDL: a good type and a bad type. The bad HDL type has a protein on it called, apoC-III.  The good HDL type does not have the apoc-III.  The apoc-III protein is present on both HDL and LDL cholesterol and puts you at risk for heart disease.  We want our HDL to have low percentages of apoc-III (or none).  Doctors do not measure the percentage of HDL with regards to apoC-III or lack thereof.  For this reason, we should actually bring the study (link at Full E. Cntr) to our doctors and ask that they collect plasma levels of (1) total HDL (2) percent with and without apoC-III.  I will be asking my doctor to test this the next time I take a blood test.

Article link:

Original study link:

Adjusting good and bad HDL levels: Nutritionally, the same guidelines apply to reduce cholesterol.  Lower both saturated and trans-fat, dietary cholesterol, alcohol and sugar (sugar intake has now been linked to high cholesterol levels).

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