Healthy Eating on Vacation: Is it Possible?

You bet it is.  Here are my top tips to eat well while relishing the tastes of a new place.  #1 Sample it. There is no need to pass up on a piña colada by the pool or an exotic dessert inherent to the region.  Limit bites or sips (after all, what’s worse than a warm alcoholic drink?)  #2 Share your meals.  Portions in restaurants are larger – even in foreign countries. Splitting a dish saves calories (and offers extra spending money).  #3 Plan a meal-schedule.  After recovering from jet-lag, develop a decent time for breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack.  Grazing on foods wherever and whenever will have you rolling versus strolling around the country. #4 Be active.  Walking, jogging, swimming –  it’s fun to exercise whenever you want versus cramming it into a 30 minute block of time.  Plus, staying active over vacation prevents the detraining effect and burns extra calories (to use toward great food!)  Read more about the detraining effect and other vacation health tips, such as “will one week off kill my body,” at the Full Engagement Center.

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