Why Should I Eat Post Exercise?

Contrary to popular belief, the process of building up endurance, strength, and even losing fat starts immediately after you finish exercising – this process is called, “recovery.”  During recovery, your body slowly rebuilds muscles and replenishes energy stores.  Full repair is only possible with a good meal and adequate rest.  Failure to do both will leave the body feeling excessive soreness, pain and at risk for injury.  On the other hand, consuming both food and fluid within 30 minutes of exercising is the way to replenish and prime the body for its next exercise session.  Within 30 minutes of a workout, eat a combination of both carbohydrates and proteins.  Post-exercise examples include having ONE of the following: (1) string cheese and crackers, (2) low-fat chocolate milk, (3) slice of whole wheat bread with peanut butter (or nutella) and sliced banana, (4) yogurt with berries and granola, (5) fruit smoothie with protein powder and milk, (6) favorite cereal with milk, (7) half a turkey sandwich, (8) Kashi or Clif bar.  More sports nutrition articles are at the Full Engagement Center.


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