All-Day Energy: Best Foods

No need for caffeine.  These foods help boost energy right away: (1) Melons: 90 percent of melon is water, which keeps you hydrated.  A study in the Journal of Nutrition showed that mild dehydration can zap energy and mood. (2) Green Tea: not for the caffeine but for the “L-theanine,” a non-protein amino acid that might have mood-modulating activity (according to the Nutritional Supplements PDR).  (3) Brown rice: complex carbohydrates are known to deliver slow energy to the body since they are high in fiber, magnesium and B-vitamins.  Magnesium and B-vitamins do not provide energy directly; but, they do convert carbohydrates into energy.  (4) Edamame, beans and lentils: high in fiber and protein, Edamame, beans, and lentils slow down food absorption, and thus, dole out energy to the body in smaller servings.  (5) Cashews, almonds and brazil nuts: rich in protein AND have magnesium/selenium (known to be precursors to boost energy). Read more at the Full Eng. Center.


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