Charmin Launches Restroom App — where users can rate public restrooms as safe or unpleasant to use.  A few quirky details before using the app, Charmin asks to verify your age (apparently, they need to confirm you’ve been potty trained).  Additionally, Facebook integrates your data if visiting by mobile.  But after those two steps, you can find a clean, free, public restroom in any part of the world (rated by the app’s user-base).  To find a decent spot, enter your current city, after which a map will appear with images of toilet paper rolls shaded in green (thumbs up) or red (thumbs down).  A gray toilet paper roll means the public restroom has yet to be rated (but you can get on that… literally).  Click on any roll and it will show the name and address of the public bathroom.  I can see this app being particularly useful when traveling, but even more so when taking an outdoor workout (a clean pit stop is hard to come by!).  If public restrooms are not your thing — but being super prepared is — I’d suggest buying “Charmin To Go Toilet Tissue” at our Drugstore cat.  I know it is now being sold at Target ($7 Off $70 + 2x WOWPoints) and (20% Off + 8x WOWPoints).


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