How to Get Lean this Summer

 If you’re looking to shed a few winter pounds…  (1) Set a realistic goal.  HOW: “By the 2012 summer outing [or insert your event], I plan to be 5 lbs less (2.27 kgs) [or insert your metric] than I am today.  I plan to get there by losing 0.5-1 lb per week (0.23-0.45 kg) by way of substituting a fruit as a snack in place of my normal serving of [insert offensive snack food] in the afternoon.”  (2) Decrease total calories by at least 10-15% per day.  HOW: if you’re eating a 3,000 calorie diet more or less, drop the 300-450 calorie mocha-choca-coffee-latte (you get the drift).  (3) In conjunction with your new caloric reduction, add additional exercise to your program.  HOW: Add an extra 30-minute cardio and/or strength session or plan a workout with friends over the weekend.  If you have no exercise regimen, start now! (4) Drink less alcohol.  HOW: Drink 1 cup water per serving of alcohol.  Choose drinks that are low in sugar and heavy on the non-alcoholic fluids, like seltzer or diet.  Read more by Marissa at the Full E. Center.

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