5 Reasons to Eat More Veggies

Why eat vegetables?  #1: Nutritionally, they offer a range of vitamins and minerals per bite that are tough to find elsewhere (e.g., vitamin K in dark leafy greens, vitamin A in deep orange sweet potatoes, and folate in spinach).  #2: For health benefits, vegetables contain compounds that protect against certain types of cancers, reduce heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes.  For example, onions have an antioxidant called “quercetin” that may reduce colon cancer by 50 percent (British Journal of Nutrition).  #3: Veggies have a hefty amount of dietary fiber, providing a feeling of fullness for a smaller caloric and fat spend (e.g., there are 31 calories and 2.4 grams of fiber in one cup of uncooked broccoli).  #4: Pleasure your senses.  There is an enormous variety of vegetables from which to choose (e.g., have you ever tried Swiss Chard? Celeriac? Fennel?). #5: Prepare the same veggie in a different way (e.g., eggplant is a part of various ethnic cuisines).  Grill an eggplant with olive oil for an Italian flavor.  Boil an eggplant and mash it up with tahini and lemon juice to enjoy the Mediterranean dip, Babaganoush.  For an Asian flavor, try a Chinese eggplant in a ginger sauce.


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