Ok to Train When Ill?

Well, it depends.  Just how sick are you?  From a health standpoint, there’s something called “the neck check” that can usually help you determine if it is ok to exercise: above the neck (aside from a fever) is generally okay to get in a workout; but below the neck, it is not advisable to train.  If you have a fever, chest congestion and stomach ache – exercising can be dangerous (since exercises raises body temperature).  But mild exercise (like a walk or ping pong) or even moderate (like a jog or bike ride) is totally fine. Per vigorous training – it is NOT advised to exercise past mild or moderate intensities.

When it comes to training (especially with colds or feeling ill), I would suggest using your own normal Resting Heart Rate (RHR) as a guide.   My coaches always taught me to check my resting in the morning.  If it was way above my norm, then I should take off that day (might be a sign of tiredness, over-training, or signs of getting rundown).  Normal RHRs – good chart: http://www.topendsports.com/testing/heart-rate-resting-chart.htm



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