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  1. Posted by Nutty McNutterson on May 7, 2009 at 11:32 am

    Hi Marissa,

    I eat a lot of nuts – I’m estimating here – but I’m guessing I consume upward of 1000 cals worth several days a week. Does one’s body digest nuts as efficiently as a nut butter? I should weigh 300 lbs by now.


    • Hi Nutty McNutterson,

      Thanks for your question! I’m glad to hear you’re eating nuts, since they are so healthy. But you are right, there are a lot of calories per serving. One ounce (about a handful) can have upwards of 170-200 cals. If you aren’t 300lbs by now, it is likely because your nut consumption of 1000 cals/several times a week is still fitting into your energy needs. If this is the case (meaning that you are not adding 3000 calories on top of what you typically consume) then it’s certainly not a problem. What’s more, most of the calories from nuts are derived from healthy unsaturated fat, versus saturated or trans-fat. And there is a good 3-4g fiber per serving, too.

      On the other hand, many nut butters will have trans-fat due to processing. You bring up an interesting question about the difference between nut and nut butter digestibility. There won’t be a difference in efficiency (which I take to mean the ease at which your cells can use the nutrients it’s supplied) EXCEPT if the nuts or nut butters have trans-fat, are oil-roasted and/or have added salt and sugar. Those additions usually impact the way food is used within the body.

      Keep being nutty, but watch out for those added ingredients!



  2. Posted by Almonda on May 8, 2009 at 8:30 am

    Hi Marissa,

    My name is Almonda. I eat a lot of almonds but don’t always chew them as completely as I might.

    Can you body digest large pieces of nuts? My bowel movements say no.

    ps – love your tagline.


  3. I want to subscribe to your blog to add to my rss feeds, but I can’t find where to get your RSS Feed URL. Can you add a subscribe link or icon to your site? Thanks!


  4. Posted by Maria Cardona on May 2, 2010 at 7:02 pm

    Hi Marissa… I found you throught, I;m on the search for a sport nutritionist, I would like to know if you accept medicare, and stuff like that…….



  5. Posted by Maria Alejandra Cardona on May 3, 2010 at 8:52 am

    HI Marissa
    I have some questions that I know you can answer them…..

    my name is Maria Cardona I’m 21 years old, 5’8, and overweight (obese) 260 pounds, in other words….

    I love bodybuilding , running as a hobby, and I am fighting against my weight…. but recently (ive always had know how important nutrition is ) I want to focus my nutrition so I can give my best at the gym, and I can recover faster.

    the point is that I want to gain lean muscle without compromising the muscle, or my weight loss.. are you getting me ???

    the part I’m most confused about is supplements………

    I take whey protein (zero carb isopure), I was taking creatine, but I stopped……..

    wich supplements do you recommend???? how should I eat ?? every 3 hours?? which kind of meals??

    thank you…….


    • Hi Maria –

      Thanks for posting your concerns here. I will try my best to understand what’s going on, but also recommend that you see a doctor on a regular basis to be sure you’re properly monitored as you embark upon your weight loss efforts.

      From what I’m gathering, it sounds like you have a great deal of muscle on your body and enjoy lifting on somewhat of a professional level. But, you do not wish to remain at this weight and would like to preserve your muscle while shedding your fat. To be clear, whenever you change your body composition (muscle:fat ratio) you are bound to lose muscle, along with the fat. That said, it may appear that you have some weight to lose in order to drop from an obese BMI to normal. Am I getting this?

      As far as supplements go, I would focus on functional, real whole foods versus processed synthetic ones. Creatine can actually make you GAIN weight – and it doesn’t sounds like that is in line with your goals. Any calories above your energy needs, whether they come from protein, fat or carbohydrate will contribute to weight GAIN.

      Hope this was helpful,



      • Posted by Maria Cardona on May 5, 2010 at 8:52 am


        I think my health is very important, and I want to proceed with the help of a professional, because theres lot of people saying things that do not have a base.
        This year I already went to my general doctor, and had blood test taken, everything was great, and the results were no Cholesterol, no sugar, no anemia, no problem. At this time I’m searching for a sports nutritionist that accepts my insurance Medicare(Amerigroup) if you could help me refering me to someone, that would be lovely!.

        I consume: Stone ground whole wheat, skim milk, old fashion oats oat meal, salmon, tilapia, meat, chicken, and I don’t use oil, I cook everything on a George Foreman grill…. at lunch or dinner i would consume some kind os protein (fish, chicken or meat) salad(no nuts) with half a sweet potatoe or a cup of black beans… and in the afternoon I take a protein shake( Zero carb isopure with a table spoon of flaxseed) (should I change it ??) ( I was taking the creatine, but I stopped like a week ago)

        I just want to double check… I heard that when you work out the muscle, your body fat% can come down, is it true ???

        Oh!!! and wich kind of foods can give me more energy??? what I know is that energy come from good carbohydrates, but what can you recommend?

        thanks for everything


  6. Posted by Emily Walsh on July 21, 2010 at 7:16 am

    Hi Marissa,

    I had a question for you and was hoping that you could email me at Thanks so much–I look forward to hearing from you!




  7. Posted by Brian on July 21, 2010 at 7:35 am

    On Sunday, I completed the NYC Triathlon and had a similar experience as a couple other races this summer Towards the end of the race, I experienced what felt like an upset stomach. I also lost about 5 lbs. of weight (determined by weighing in before and after the race). I weigh about 177 lbs. and have about 13% body fat. I basically sweat a lot, especially on hot humid days. I’d like some advice about race hydration and nutrition strategies. During the run, I drink a couple cups of water at each water stop, but if I drink more, if start to feel more bloated and uncomfortable. I’ve been experimenting with various sports drinks, but have had similar results a few times this summer.

    I have a half ironman in August and a marathon in October. I’m not sure if I should try the Half Ironman on a hot August day.


    • Hey – congrats, that is incredible that you completed the NYC Tri – be proud. Sounds like you came upon a complicated bind at the end of your race, sorry to hear. First off, there is something called overhydration — hyponatremia. It’s when the body actually has too much fluid and begins to have major electrolyte disturbances. Sodium is low as a result, and it isn’t fun. You sweat a lot, which means you are losing a ton of fluids and sodium, as well. The goal is to drink around 4-6 oz every 20min, preferably a diluted gatorade or propel water. Is that what you are doing now?


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