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Food Safety: Home Food Prep

This post is inspired by Team MV21’s trip this week, as they are preparing home-cooked meals each evening.  According to Sunday’s article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette about food safety in the home, public-health officials say that most food-poisoning cases are more likely to happen in our kitchens versus in restaurants due to unsafe food practices.


The article quotes the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on food-safety tips for home.  Below are some pointers from our NJU on Food Safety.

Common Mistakes

  • Leaving food out for over 2 hours
  • Not discarding food past expiration date
  • Using same knife and surface to cut raw and ready-to-eat products
  • Toss food if left out for over 2 hours (1 hour if over 90*F)
  • Wash countertop/knife between foods (i.e. eggs and slicing veggies)
  • Store fruits/veggies/cheese above raw eggs in fridge
  • Wash hands before handling food
  • Wash hands after handling raw foods like eggs
  • Cover cuts on hands
  • Do not touch hair, nose, face when handling food
  • Double dipping food
  • Using designated scoop for various products
  • Don’t bring leftovers back to Next Jump if package has been opened