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JPMCC Challenge Race Tips

TIP #1 – Unexpected Hills: continue with the same level of exertion, even if it means slowing a bit going up the hill (versus sprinting up the hill – unless this hill is at the end of the race).  TIP #2 – Unexpected Adrenaline Rush: adrenaline surges during a race; as a result, runners might start out faster than anticipated.  Use your playlist to your advantage: try softer music to start and save your heart-pumping thunder power for later (when you need it).  Strategize the split for the first mile (kilometer) and stick to it (use the first mile/km as your warm-up).  TIP #3 – Arm Power: legs are half the battle; use arm a full arm swings that correspond to your gait in order to add extra power to your step. TIP #4 – Chance of rain: embrace it!  Running in the rain should not present any problem.  If it’s a light rain, you do not need to adjust pace.  If heavy or cold rain, slow down a little to prevent sipping.  TIP # 5 – Keep hydrating throughout the race (every mile, take a swig of water from the stands or bring your own bottle.  TIP # 6 – Runner’s Etiquette: as you would driving a vehicle, signal when you want to pass, don’t stop dead in your tracks at the water station, and don’t run in a pack of Next Jumpers (check out previous Runners Etiquette posts for more – post 1 and post 2).