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Eat Like a Pro

And the secret sauce that Next Jump personal trainers keep from everyone is … Adhering to a healthy lifestyle is hard work! The Next Jump trainers and I discussed our diets and discovered a few things that we’d like to share.

1. We try to practice what we preach. We tell you to “eat more fiber” and “limit processed foods.”

What we do: we try to eat whole fruits as a snack and add veggies to most of our meals.  But we also enjoy your birthdays at Next Jump and take a piece of cake.

2. We practice portion control. We tell you to measure with your hands and thumbs, cups and spoons.

What we do: we wrap things up for later if our eyes are bigger than our bellies.  We split meals with our friends and YOU.  Do we ever get too full? Of course.  That’s what exercise is for 🙂

3. We try to stay hydrated. We tell you to drink water during exercise and keep your Siggs at your desks.

What we do: we carry water bottles around town.

Bottom line: there is no secret to eating right; it is hard work most of the time.  With practice, it gets easier to make healthy eating as second nature.