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Muscle Cramps: How to Overcome

Ever endure the pain of a muscle that involuntarily tightens (and doesn’t go away)?  That’s a muscle cramp (a.k.a., “a charley horse”).  Figuring out why you get them can be tough since there are all sorts of reasons for it (dehydration and electrolyte imbalance is a common one, along with overuse of a muscle or not enough blood being shunted to muscles).  How to overcome:

  • DRINK FLUIDS: water with every meal and 1-2 cups in between meals
  • DILUTED GATORADE: with exercise, try a diluted sports beverage for extra electrolytes
  • STRETCH & MASSAGE: relieve the pain pre and post exercise
  • WALK IT OUT: stop the exercise and try to walk out the cramp (if in arms: massage the area)
  • SODIUM: try to pre-load the exercise with a saltier food addition (like a pickle or a side of chips)
  • KEEP UP YOUR FITNESS: Maintain fitness all year round to prevent cramping as often